12 DIY accent wall paint ideas

If you are looking to introduce some accent walls in your living room, or maybe elsewhere in your home, then you have stumbled across the right page.These awesome accent wall paint ideas ideas can spruce up your walls and tranform your room from an ordinary place to a one full of personality. You will be in awe at how even the simplest ideas can completely shake up your room!

Simple, yet modern
Simple,Yet modern accent wall paint ideas

Let’s kick off this list with some ideas for accent walls in the living room. Specifically, fireplace accent walls. The designer has kept the colors to an absolute minimum and has made it look not only moden, but simple as well. You can easily see the contrast between the two colours and along with the brushed metal fireplace, it makes the accent wall stand out from the rest of the room. If the frieplace had been built into one of the white walls, it would have looked out of its place.

The usual Fireplace Accent Wall
fireplace accent wall

This one has a real rustic feel about it. As you can see, this fireplace accent wall is a touch different to the previous one. The whole intention here was to make that fireplace stand out. Of course, this is a design which is probably not going to work in those slightly more modern rooms. If the rest of your room is traditionally inspired, then opt for this. You may even want to surround the fireplace with brick if you want more of a rustic charm.

Unique Grey Accent Wall

Grey accent wall

As you can see, the room has a contemporary look and you can’t go wrong with a grey accent wall. When you are aiming for a contemporary or more modern room, you can’t have an overwhelming wall, so you have to choose a simple accent wall paint color. Bright colors simply do not work, particularly when they are used in conjunction with clean, white furniture. Moreover,this grey accent wall helps to draw attention to the artwork and it gives the illusion that there is a lot more space in that room than there really is.

Dare to be different: purple accent wall
Dare to be different: purple accent wall

I have to admit, purple accent walls are quite rare and there are not many fans of it because in most cases they tend do not work well with most of the furniture.. However, in this example it works exceedingly well. The purple in this accent wall looks amazing in combination with the neutral colors in the room, particularly the white rug and the wooden furniture. This is one of the best DIY accent wall ideas for those who want to inject a touch of color into their room without going overboard.

Modern DIY: Wallpaper accent wall
Modern wallpaper accent wall

If you want a wallpaper accent wall you must begin with choossing a stunning image. You can pick from a wide range of images including amazing landscapes or geometrical shapes. As you can see in the images, wallpaper accent walls can be used both for the bedroom and the living room. In the first example, the fact that just about everything in that room is white really helps to make the look of the accent wall stand out a little more.In the other 2 images, the wallpaper gives the room a more modern look. This DIY paint idea is one of the simples ones you can have and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Unique wallpaper accent wall

Wallpaper made with the nature in mind:

Unique wallpaper accent wall

Black Accent Walls: A viable option?
black accent walls

The black accent wall is quite difficult to use as it is not going to work with most of the usual wall colours or furniture. For example, you can’t have a black accent wall if the color of your other walls is a dark shade of blue. It will clash too much and take attention away from the black accent wall. As seen in this example, it goes along best with white walls and black furniture.

Dark Blue Accent Wall
Dark blue accent wall

We are not quite sure that the designer was going for with this dark blue accent wall, but we must say that we love it. There seems to be a mish mash of artwork on that wall, but it seems to work surprisingly well together. We can’t help but feel that if you took away that artwork, and maybe got some stunning furniture in there, this is a look which would probably end up working even better!

One of the things that we really love about blue accent walls, when they are used correctly at least, is the fact that they can inject a sense of brightness into the room. Blue, and it does not have to be dark blue, gives the room light. It makes it look spacious. This may be the ideal accent wall for a smaller room in your house.

Wood Accent Wall
wood accent wall

We are back to the wood accent wall with this one. As you can see, the designer of this room has opted to surround the wood accent with a darker color. This helps the wood accent to stand out a little bit more. One of our favourite things about this accent is that it is simple. It helps to frame the TV, and then that is it. You do not need to do more than this. This is a good idea if you have something in particular that you want to frame in your room. It shows that you really do not need to have the whole room covered.

Striped wood accent Wall

This is a wood accent wall with a bit of a twist. Rather than opt for standard ‘straight’ lines on the wall, the designer has opted to go down the route of angled wood. We must say, this is something which really does seem to work. We reckon that this design is going to be perfect in those rooms where you want something with a bit more of a rustic charm, but you do not want to get too ‘old style’. This design is probably going to be better for modern rooms.Rustic wood accent wall

Obviously, the accent wall in this case is in a bedroom. However, it could feasibly work in any room in the house. However, we really do not suggest that you cover the entire wall with this layout. It stands out a little bit too much. As with most of the designs that you find on this website, you are going to want to try and keep things as simple as possible. This is where the accent wall is really going to shine and look brilliant!


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