6 Tips to decorate your bedroom with medieval furniture

How to decorate with medieval furniture?

If you want your room to seem like it has been ripped right out of the history books, then Medieval bedroom furniture is the way to go. This unique look is all about creating a show stopping design with a unique style that will have people’s heads turning the second that they walk into your bedroom. On this page, you are going to discover 6 tips on how you can make the design work with medieval bedroom furniture.

1.Go All Outmedieval style bedroom furniture 4

If you are going to do it, then you want to go ‘all out’. Everything in that room needs to be able to tie into a Medieval style. The last thing you want is to have a medieval bed frame, coupled with some slightly more modern pieces. This is not the effect that you want. This is an effect which is just going to look plain abysmal. Nothing is really going to stand out in that room.medieval looking furniture

We know that it may be a little bit expensive to outfit your room all the same time, so we suggest you take things slowly. Start with the centerpiece in that room, which is going to be your bed frame. After that, work on the other larger pieces such as cabinets and the like. Remember, you do not have to strictly purchase medieval looking furniture. As long as it is medieval style furniture e.g. gorgeous hardwood items, then it will work!

2.You Can Combine Stylesmedieval bedroom furniture decoration ideas

We know that we just said that when you are creating a medieval bedroom, you do not really want a clash of styles. However, you can make it work, you just need to come up with some quality decorating ideas. If you want your room to work with both a rustic and a more modern touch, then you are going to need to purchase ‘simple’ furniture. We know that most people out there associate medieval style furniture with intricate, carved items. Most of it is like that. However, there are some understated pieces on the market which you will be able to worm into your design. Your big pieces i.e. your bed, you will want in a medieval looking style. This is because people are going to be drawn to that the second that they walk into your room. However, other pieces around the room can be a touch more modern. For example; your mirror, and other smaller decorations. You are going to need to put a bit more thought into the selection of pieces when you are planning your room, but we are sure that you are going to be able to make it work.

3.Seatingmedieval chairs

One of the hallmarks of a good medieval bedroom is some sitting. Obviously, this is one of the decoration ideas that you can use only when you have a ton of space at your disposal. When you go down this route, you are going to need to have a large area where you can put your chairs. One of the best things about this is that there is a plethora of different styles available when it comes to medieval chairs. Again, this is something that you are going to want to match up to the furniture in your room. For example; if you are opting for a big, elegant bed frame, then you will want elegant chairs. Maybe padded sofa-style chairs that you can kick-back and relax in. If you are going for a simple design, then some standard chairs which you can find around a dining room table probably would not go amiss. You do not necessarily have to sit in the chairs. This is all about making a big statement.

4.It is all in the detailsmedieval style bedroom furniture 5

medieval bed frame

A stunning example of a medieval canopy bed

Seriously. The design of your room is all in the smallest of details. The problem many people have with medieval furniture is that it is all looks a little bit like it is the same. It can cause things to just blend into one another. When you are decorating your room in a medieval style, you want to avoid this. You want to make each piece distinct. This is why we recommend that you invest some cash in the smaller items. For example, the pillows that you are going to be placing on your gorgeous bed. Have them have a bit of color. We find that purple works exceedingly well in these types of bedrooms. If you can, have a bit of texture on the smaller pieces too, just to break up the look a little bit.

One ‘small’ decorating idea that we really think works is to scale back the lights in your room. This may not be right for you, but many people like it. Instead of having a big, gorgeous chandelier hanging down, which does not scream ‘medieval’ anyway. You may want to invest in some candle-style lights peppered around the room. You will need to ensure that they are placed well to deliver the amount of light that you want. This is something which really works if you have a large window as it will ensure that the room is not too ‘dark’.

5.Keep it Simple

An unique medieval style bed frame

An unique medieval style bed frame

If you look at bedroom furniture in this medieval bedroom, you will see that most people try to keep the design simple. It allows each individual piece to stand out. Medieval properties tended to be very open in space with plenty of room to walk around. Keep the furniture to an absolute minimum.

6.Medieval Storagemedieval bedroom storage

In addition to everything mentioned above,you could try to look for storage options.You can find cupboards or wardrobes with a touch of medieval style. Storage units usually tend to have carvings but they can be found in more simplistic forms.medieval cupboard

Finally, try to take a peek at actual medieval houses. A lot of places in England will still have Medieval set-ups in the old houses, and you will be able to find plenty of photographs of them. You will be able to get a few ideas from this and tehy will ensure that your room is going to be authentically medieval.


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