How to decorate your house with vintage furniture

Vintage furniture decor is wonderful. Not only is it cheap, providing you know where to shop, but it looks brilliant too. If you put vintage furniture in your room, it is virtually guaranteed to spice it up. On this page, we are going to share a few tips for decorating your home with vintage furniture.

Mix and match furniture

Firstly, and this is probably the most important tip that you are going to receive on this page, you should not be afraid to mix vintage furniture with slightly more modern pieces. In fact, this is a technique which seems to work pretty well. For example, you may have a gorgeous vintage bookcase with a few ornaments on it. You may even want a stunning, vintage solid wood table sited in the centre of your room surrounded by gorgeous modern sofas. It really doesn’t matter all that much about what you do with the style of the room, providing it is something that works with you.

In terms of vintage furniture, I find that a ‘little is a lot’. Just a couple of pieces here and there will really spice up the room. You may want to go ‘all out’ and decorate the entire room with vintage furniture, but the cost of this will quickly start to rack up.vintage furniture deccor

Select your furniture well

I am going to be honest with you; the vast majority of vintage furniture out there is terrible. It isn’t fit for purpose. When you are purchasing vintage furniture from your home, you actually want to know that it is going to look good, otherwise there is no sense decorating your home with it.

When you are inspecting furniture, try to give it more than a cursory glance. You are going to want to look out for any major imperfections in the piece. Small scratches can easily be buffed out or covered up but large, deep scratches cannot. You may also want to check to see whether there are any signs of woodworm (small holes in the wood)

If you are purchasing vintage furniture which has upholstery on it, try to make sure that the fabric isn’t flea bitten. If it is, don’t buy it. There is a good chance that flea eggs will remain in the item and that means that eventually they will hatch and destroy the rest of the upholstery in your home which is, obviously, not something you want. vintage furniture decor

Repurpose the furniture that you buy

One thing that many, many designers out there like to do is to ‘repurpose’ the furniture that they buy. Let’s say you go to a local flea market and you see a vintage ladder. Now, the vast majority of people out there are not going to buy it. After all, what would you do with a vintage ladder? Well, the truth is, you are not going to be using it as a ladder. Instead, you may want to attach it to your wall someway. You will actually be surprised at just how effective it is as a good shelving system. In fact, I know plenty of people out there who are using a number of vintage ladders as bookcases. If you stick some old books on them, you have something which actually looks pretty room vintage furniture decor

Another thing which people really like to repurpose is old headboards from vintage beds. This is because, they are quite ornately designed. Now, you may not want to attach them to your bed, but you will be surprised how brilliant they are as a ‘coat rack’. All you need to do is grab some vintage hooks and you should be golden.

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