5 tips to create the perfect blue bedroom

Are you looking to create a blue bedroom? Maybe get some blue bedroom walls in there? Well, you have stumbled across the right page! Here, we are going to share some tips on decorating your room and ensuring that it looks perfect.

Choosing your paint

As you may well know, there are many choices when it comes to blue paint for bedroom. You will need to choose something that is right for you. If you are looking to create a ‘light and airy’ feel to your room, then you may want to opt for lighter colored blue bedroom paint. If you opt for darker blue bedroom paint, then you may wish to pair it with a few decent lights, just to make sure that the room does not have a dark and dingy feel to it.

It is recommended that you get hold of a few different paint samplers and try them out. This way you can see which style fits your room.Blue bedroom paint color ideas

Quality of paint

If you are going to go for blue bedroom walls, then make sure that you purchase a quality paint. Cheap paint does not last. A good quality paint job will last a few decades. Poor quality paint will give you a couple of years at the most. This means you will need to replace it. If you want the perfect blue bedroom, always opt for the best quality paint you can afford.

Bedroom ideas: blue color paint for bedroom

What colors can you pair your blue bedroom walls with?

Try and pair your blue bedroom paint with some nice neutral colors. There are some people out there who will pair blue bedroom walls with blue furniture. This is not something that works all that well. The only way in which you will be able to make blue furniture work with blue bedroom walls is if they are wildly different shades of blue, but even then they may clash. If you are opting for light coloured walls, then you may wish to go down the route of white furniture. It does look marvellous.

blue paint colors for bedroomsdeas

Keep things simple

Always keep your room simple. Have a floor plan that works. A good tip is to look at the floorplan of hotels. They tend to always have the same design, not through simplicity, but because they just work. Your bed should be the focus of the room (obviously), and you want to make sure that it is easy to walk around the bed. Try not to create too much clutter. Shelves should be kept to the minimum. Wardrobes are fine. The less clutter, the better the room will end up looking.

Bedroom ideas: light blue paint for bedroom

Increase the light flowing into your room

Single colour rooms tend to work well when there is a lot of light pouring into them. Darker walls tend to have a ‘basement’ feel to them if light is kept to the minimum. To make a blue bedroom work, ensure that light is pouring through your windows. Try to put a few mirrors into the room too. Cap this off with some good ceiling lights. It will look fantastic.

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