Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Using unique wall decoration ideas for your house can allow you to transform & enhance the plain and dull looking walls and  add the much required warmth and elegance to your house.




Wallpapers can be a great way for adding texture & color to your living room walls. You can find various wallpaper designs in the market today such as art deco, antique, printed & texture. Texture wallpapers can be ideal if you want to add depth & an exciting focal point to your living room.Wall decorations for living room4

Wall Art

Wall decorations for living room

Wall decorations for living room

These include framed photographs, metal wall-art, painted canvases, etc. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for getting metal wall art. Just select some inexpensive but stylish metal accents & wrought-iron wall decor from your nearby flea market. Several objects grouped in unison can produce a striking statement. Hence, consider grouping an odd number of photo’d frames & suspend them at odd angles. Among the most unique & fun contemporary wall decoration ideas for living room can be to include random words and lettering and mix and match them such that they appeared very striking. Hence, never simply stick with framed canvas pieces rather, explore a few unique wall hanging ideas for instance funny wall clocks, record sleeves, colorful plates, or even African wicker baskets!




Light shaded & textured fabric pieces can add warmth to your living room walls. The top of the cotton & silk materials can be gathered & tacked to your living wall such that they are able to covers the whole surface. Next, you can consider tacking the bottom most layer of the material. Framed fabric stuff & even rugs are considered to be excellent decorating accents for the living room wall.




You can find a lot of interesting shelve designs on the web for example the Mediterranean wrought-iron shelves that appear cool on your living room wall. In case you want to go for plain shelves, simply locate them such that you will be able to put all your collectables onto it.


Wall decorations for living room3

Wall decorations for living room

Picking wall decorations for your living room can be enjoyable once you begin experimenting with strange stuff. In the end, your living room walls aren’t only a background for the home furniture, but they’re a face of your values, tastes as well as your lifestyle. Hence, use the living room wall decoration ideas mentioned in this articles to help elevate their look as well as to add some warmth to your house.

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