Small bathroom design ideas

Small bathrooms are incredibly tough to work with, but not impossible. In fact, with the right amount of thought, you can turn a small bathroom into something highly functional. The tips on this page should point you in the right direction.


This is important for any bathroom, particularly a small bathroom. You need to ensure that there is actually space to put your towels, soaps etc. Therefore, you will want to get some shelving in there. The brilliant thing is that you can actually get pretty creative with that shelving. If there is a small gap on your wall, it is likely that you will be able to stick a shelf in there.

Creating the illusion of space

Alright, so you have a small bathroom. Unless you are incredibly rich, you are not going to be making it larger any time soon. Thankfully, however, there are a few ways in which you can create the illusion of more space. Here are a couple that people tend to think about when it comes to tossing around small bathroom design ideas:

  • Mirrors: a large mirror on one of the walls can make the entire room seem ‘huge’. It is always useful to get a mirror into the bathroom too.
  • Lighting: try to get some lighting into your bathroom. If the bathroom is dark, it will look dingy. That is the last thing you want. Natural light is the best, so if you can get a larger window in there, go down that route. If not, you may just find that putting up some gorgeous lights will work absolute wonders.small bathroom design ideas

Make that bathroom functional

One of the biggest problems with small bathrooms is the fact that they can become cluttered quite easily. Try to reduce the amount of clutter in the room and it will instantly look better. Of course, there are some things which you can’t just get rid of, so have a dedicated storage location for them. Many people will try to incorporate a nice hamper into their bathroom for storing of old towels and the like. You can purchase them pretty cheaply, and it will keep that whole bathroom neat and tidy.small bathroom design ideas

Colours of the bathroom

Generally speaking, you are going to want to use neutral colours when it comes to painting your bathroom. They seem to add a touch of depth to it. Most people go down the route of blacks or whites, because they can make the bathroom look nice and clean. Bright colours can make the bathroom seem fairly cluttered (even though it is not), and that is not something you want to happen.

As mentioned before, if you do wish to add a small amount of colour to your room, you can do it with the accessories you have. A few colourful towels, or maybe even a picture on the wall, can work absolute wonders if you do not wish for your bathroom to look a neutral colour.small bathroom design ideas

Contemporary style works well for small bathrooms

There are many people out there who would love to have a vintage style bathroom. However, this is not something which tends to work well with small bathrooms. You have to remember that vintage furniture tends to be designed to impart feelings of grandeur. They are designed for wide, open spaces. You do not have that in a small bathroom. You will never feel the full effect of them. Instead, you will want to go down the route of modern or contemporary products. The clean, sharp lines will keep your bathroom looking neat and tidy, and the neutral colours will keep your bathroom looking nice and sleek.small bathroom design ideas

Finally, when tossing around small bathroom design ideas, try not to get too creative. There are some people out there who want to move everything around in their bathroom. Try to keep the movement of major items (sink, toilet etc.) to the absolute minimum. Moving something even a couple of feet can require some pretty sophisticated plumbing, and that will cost you money. This is money that you will not be able to spend on other parts of your bathroom.


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