Transform Your Galley Kitchen

Transform Your Galley Kitchen

  A galley kitchen is, of course, fairly small. However, you will be surprised at just how easy it is to make it ‘work for you’ with the right know how. On this page, I am going to go through a few hints and tips for transforming your galley kitchen and really getting the most out of that space.

  Get some long windows in there! Chances are, you are not going to have a lot of space in your galley kitchen. A small window is just going to make the place feel dreary. You, obviously, want to ensure that your kitchen is a fun place to be. Many transform their galley kitchen by having a long window put in at the end. It is actually cheaper to go down this route than you may think, and a long window will really inject some natural light into the kitchen which will, ultimately, make it seem more spacious.

Galley kitchen

  There are two colors which seem to work well in tangent with one another when it comes to a galley kitchen. This is glossy, white cabinets, and an organic gray floor with the slightest of textures. Again, this is something which creates the illusion of space without being too difficult. If you are renovating your galley kitchen anyway, then you may as well go down this route!

  If you really do not want to go down the modern route of glossy, white cabinets, then the vintage look also works. Many people get some stacked ceiling high cabinets with gorgeous moldings on the side. The right cabinets can make your room seem gorgeous, plus, if you opt for ceiling high ones, as many do, you are going to be injecting a whole lot more space into your galley kitchen, which is always a plus!kit

  If you have space at the end of your galley kitchen i.e. away from the cabinets, then it will make a surprisingly good breakfast area. Just a few chairs and a table will work absolute wonders here. It also makes the place seem a whole lot more inviting, and it is very cost-effective too!

  Mirrored backsplashes! Put these on your walls. Not only do they look great, but they will also create the illusion of space in your galley kitchen. This is actually a technique which many, many designers out there use to great effect. If it is good enough for them, then it is certainly good enough for you!

  Brightly colored cabinets seem to work well for many people. If you have a paintbrush handy, and a spot of paint, you can even transform the look of the cabinets in your kitchen within mere hours. Combine the colored cabinets with a white floor, and you will be making that room look a whole lot cheerier, and it is going to be a delight to be in there!

  Try to ensure that your worktops are not cluttered. This is probably one of the worst ways to ruin the aesthetic of your kitchen. It is also one of the things that you can do right now. If you have a galley kitchen, head out into it and clear those worktops!



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